Cowl and Bird Covers For All Chimneys

There's no point investing in a traditional fire if you haven't got a cowl and bird cover for the chimney top. Over time, the constant disruption caused by the rain or birds will prevent you from enjoying your fire to the full!

The Ideal Solution For Rain and Bird Problems

Cowls help prevent rain disrupting the efficient use of your chimney, whilst bird covers stop those pigeons from perching and blocking smoke and soot. You’ll find we offer both solutions at affordable rates, and fit them quickly and effectively.

Enhance your chimney

Cowls don’t just offer protection from rain: they prevent draught, nesting of squirrels and birds, and improve energy efficiency.
If you’re after any more information on how cowls can benefit you, give us a call.

What You Can Expect From Us

• Cowl and bird covers
• For Essex, Suffolk, Kent and Norfolk
• Prevent disruptive nesting
• Improve energy efficiency
• Free estimates

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