Some of the Best Sweeps in the UK

First of all, congratulations on choosing a wood burning stove. The Guild happens to think this the best type of fuel: it is clean, gives good heat and is carbon neutral. However, if a stove gets too dirty you'll experience problems.

What’s the Problem With Your Wood Stove?

Whatever the problem you’re experiencing; we here at T Mac Sweeps are confident we can help you out. With a wealth of experience and skill to draw upon, much of which dates back to the 19th century, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied.

Wood Burning Stoves Need More Cleaning

For a wood burning stove to function effectively and efficiently, it needs more cleaning than alternative fires.
According to current Guild standards, wood burning stoves should be cleaned quarterly if regularly used.

Why Does Your Stove Need T Mac Sweeps?

• Improve efficiency
• Prevent the build-up of gases
• Stop the chimney becoming blocked
• Fully qualified chimney sweeps
• Fully insured through the Guild
• Serving Essex and beyond
• Free estimates

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